• Tip


    Painless tooltip plugin using CSS3 features to make its usage as simple as possible.

  • Slider


    Simple Slider jQuery plugin with options allowing you to customize it just like you want.

  • Notification


    A simple but flexible notification plugin with the minimum required functionalities.

  • Alert


    Allows visitors to display and hide quick messages with a simple click.

  • Dropdown


    Dropdown jQuery plugin written in CoffeeScript useful for menus.

  • Collapse


    Add collapsible content with ease.

  • Tab


    Create tab-based content quickly and without superficial functionalities.

  • Count


    Minimal but powerful Character / Word / Sentence Counter plugin! It becomes very handy especially for form validation.

  • Feed


    Just what you need to output a Twitter feed for a chosen account.

  • MiniBoilerplate Useful base to create jQuery plugins in CoffeeScript. Feel free to use it for your own plugins.
  • CoffeeScript CoffeeScript is a wonderful language used to build all the MiniJs plugins and I encourage you to try it if you haven't.
  • jQuery You'll need jQuery to use these plugins which have been tested with version 1.7 and up.
  • Support / Bug report Every stable version should be working on modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7+. If you find a bug or want to contribute, Github is the place to go.
  • Test coverage Every plugin includes deep test coverage with the use of the Jasmine framework which I highly recommend to everyone.



Matthieu Aussaguel


I am a Web Developer currently working at Envato as part of the Marketplace dev team in Melbourne, Australia. I focus mostly on Ruby/Rails technologies but I also enjoy coding in CoffeeScript in my spare time. Head over to my personal website and my Github page for more info about me.